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Real-time quotes - NASDAQ

Hey ma gang de traders!  Nasdaq offre maintenant le real-time quote online gratuit sur son site.

Vite allez voir la courbe real-time de AIG pour pouvoir profiter du spread selon la courbe dans les prochaines 10 secondes ça a l'air de vouloir bouger vers le haut...


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  • Sur Yahoo finance aussi il y a les cotes en temps reel:

    Free real-time data

    There are many different kinds of real-time data offered for free on Yahoo Finance. Here's how they all work.

    Real-time data overview

    • Real-time data streams on quote summary pages, and in portfolios under the "Real-time" view. For free real-time data to stream, Streaming Quotes have to be turned on.
    • Data is available during NYSE market hours (9:30am to 4:00pm, Eastern Time).
    • Quotes for NYSE, Nasdaq and NYSEAmex are sourced from Nasdaq Last Sale (NLS) when available. If NLS data isn't available, quotes are delayed and display with their primary listing source.

    You can see which quotes are in real-time by checking the trading information on quote summary pages, to the right of the last trade price.


  • Sur Questrade c'est l'inverse... sera 1.99$ pa rmois.. fini le free

    For the past year, you’ve been able to access free Nasdaq Basic streaming data in all IQ trading platforms. This free data feed was provided as part of a joint campaign between Questrade and the Nasdaq OMX Group. Unfortunately, this campaign has now ended.   

    On behalf of Questrade, we truly apologize for this change in your market data.

    In order to provide you with low-cost streaming data, we are offering a new Nasdaq Basic à la carte feed. Effective November 1st, 2013, you can subscribe to this Nasdaq Basic feed for $1.99 per month. If you prefer free data, all IQ platforms will provide unlimited free live snap quotes supplemented by 15-minute delayed streaming data. Please note: Nasdaq Basic remains part of the enhanced data package.

    Watch for details on the new Nasdaq Basic à la carte feed and for information on how to subscribe.  

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